Chicago Comic Con 2010 :

A Bat, a Cat and a Blago!

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Photo courtesy of Wizard World  Photo courtesy of Wizard World

During the veekend of August 19-20-21-22, 2010, the cast and crew of
"Count Gregula's Crypt" FLEW over to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con
at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois!
It had to be the most visited Chicago Comic Con in recent history!
Some of the guests in attendance vere William Shatner, Adam West, Burt Ward,
Julie Newmar, John Schneider and a special last minute appearance by Rod Blagojevich!

Catwoman & Batman -- Photo credit: Marco Tito  'NO...Don't take that photo of Adam West!' -- Photo credit: Marco Tito

Although, it vas rather disappointing that the major comic companies
(DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc.) have been absent the last 2 years now.
The crowds vere still intense and a bit overvhelming!
Many more "stars" vere added to the celebrity guest roster.
I do like getting to see my favorite celebs in a convention setting for the most part.
However, vhen you have to pay a small fortune for every autograph and/or photo
vith each guest the experience gets less and less desirable and fun.
Plus, a lot of candid shots of certain celebs vere being blocked by staff members for some insane reason! I mean if the "star" is sitting there let patrons get at least a small candid photo memory of their favorite guests for their own enjoyment on their own cameras.

William Shatner -- Photo credit: Count Gregula  Adam West, Linda & Greg -- Photo credit: Count Gregula

The best parts vere interviewing several of the guests and browsing the comic vendors.
Scoring a Rod Blagojevich interview vas a real coup!
Finally meeting Adam West after years of vaiting for him to come to town vas Spook-tacular!
Mr. West's autograph vas the only one I paid for at $60 (Yikes!)
and he vas kind enough to take a complimentary photo vith us! Fangs a lot, Adam!
Julie Newmar granted me an interview vhich turned out to be very unusual
(or expected) since she kept feeling me up the entire time! LOL!
John Schneider vas so gracious and really a "Good Ol' Boy" to us during his interview!
Claudia Wells & James Tolkan ("Back to the Future" films) made for interesting interviews!
Then there is Artist Alley that still is a favorite of mine to vander through.
Those talented people really deserve so much recognition for their artistic creations!

Gregula, Countess, Jim & John Schneider from 'The Dukes of Hazzard' and 'Smallville' -- Photo credit: Jim Currie  Adam West and Burt Ward by the Batmobile -- Photo credit: Jim Currie

The SFX360 “MAFIA II®” Launch Party (after party) vas Hex-cellent and a very nice addition this year that incorporated the “Mafia” theme into a masquerade ball!
The event featured exclusive demos of “Mafia II,” fabulous giveaways
that included t-shirts, posters and products from NVIDIA, Sony Computer
Entertainment of America, Astro Gaming, Dr. Pepper, Gunnar Optiks and Gripit's!
I even interviewed Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams) on the red carpet leading to the party.

Gregula & Claudia Wells a.k.a. Jennifer from 'Back to the Future' -- Photo credit: Jim Currie  Jim & Gregula on the red carpet at the SFX360 Mafia II Launch Party -- Photo credit: Jim Currie

My only suggestions I have for improving future cons vould be to lower prices and
allow photos for the everyday fan so they can actually afford to eat and take
home memories by the end of a long convention filled day. Sore feet, long lines, blocked photos along vith empty vallets do not make for a happy geek...

Jim, Gregula, Blago & Countess

Check out the taped interview Count Gregula did vith Rod Blagojevich below!

Count Gregula interviews Rod Blagojevich!!!

Photo credits: Jim Currie & Marco Tito

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