Gallery: 10 Years of Gregula
10 Years of Gregula

It all began one dark Halloween night ten years ago...

Back in 1998 A.D., after his centuries long slumber... Count Gregula was "exhumed" on Halloveen night at a party that was hosted by Rich Koz a.k.a. Svengoolie at The House of Monsters. It was a direct result of that very party which had brought about a certain creative force into the limelight for the subsequent years to come. Count Gregula had a goatee and pastier complexion that night...currently that look has now come to be fondly known as... Dear Grandpa Gregula. However, The Count has gone through many different afterlives since then...

The GREG'S MUNSTER FAN CLUB website which debuted in January of 2000 A.D. vas the very first incarnation of Count Gregula on the Internet. That site was dedicated to The Munsters and their fans. Then in 2003, the long awaited arrival of his own became reality. This new site included not just The Munsters, but also several other of The Count's interests such as Halloween, horror, ghost hunting, celebrities, conventions, Svengoolie, horror hosts and so much more! It was also the year that His Dearest Countess arose back from the firey depths of Hell to be at his side forevermore. In the year 2005 A.D., the new and improved was created due to a need for a bigger webspace. As The Count has said himself, "There vill be even MORE photos and other goodies for your surfing displeasure!"

Today, the Count and Countess live in the Transylvanian section of Illinois in the disguise of thirtysomething mortals Linda and Greg, who spend way too much time watching sitcoms and eating fried chicken. They are currently making their Evil Plans (along with their Children of the Night - Igor, Figor, Shegor and Megor) to bring their special brand of Vampirey Fun to TV viewers in the Midwest as Horror Hosts!

Now...let us enjoy a few images as we go down memory lane...

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